So, after getting picked up from my house, and taken to Robin Hood airport by Matts dad, we arrive outside wondering where everyone is. Outside in the drop off zone, not a single soul could be seen, it almost looked like the place was closed. Once we got inside there was at least some signs of life but still very quiet. Having set off early just to make sure we got there on time, we had 40 mins to kill. Our entertainment for this time was the most uncomfortable and even painfull massage chair that was on display in the waiting area. After spending a pound torchering ourselves with that, and buying a couple of mags and some sweetys, we went through and checked in etc. Cutting a long boring story short, the flight was on time, and no problems at all, other than how boring it is in Robin Hood airport.

We arrive, collect bags, and amazingly Andy is there waiting for us. We load up into his new Cadillac Escalade (you have never seen a car so big) and head back to Gibralter to get on his boat (what? Andy told us to fly to malaga to make things easier, now we have a 1 and half hour drive back to Gib, and border control to deal with). After queing for what seemed like forever at the border, the holiday begins proper. We board the boat and make ourselves at home. Later out for dinner at a lovely restaurant, i have king prawn pil pil, and a huge steak for main. Yum yum.

The next day we sail to Puerto Banus where we will be for the next week, and leave gibralter behind. As we discovered last time we came to gibralter, there is pretty much nothing to do there. So on to Puerto Banus and wow is probably the closest english word to describe it. A port full of flash boats, flash cars and flash people, not to mention the array of fancy restaurants to choose from. And of course i fit right in, being so cultured and sophisticated.

For the next few days we filled our time bowling, eating out, karting, eating out, shopping, eating out and drinking. Monday was Matts birthday so we went to the poshist restaurant and drank the finest champagne. A brilliant night ending with a fantastic bottle of red on the boat and watch 'The Anchorman' on the plasma. Other highlights include me overtaking everyone at karting, and going out on the boat. First we anchored of the coast and went in on the jet boat to go karting, truely arriving in style, then after karting, playing in the jet boat, and getting towed in a rubber ring behind it, very cool.

So on the friday, we go and put the boat back in gibralter and drive on back to Andys house. A true mansion, situated up in the hills on a huge estate (it takes 15 mins to get from the front gate to the house). And that pretty much brings us up to date. Because after staying at andys house for one night, its been raining for 2 days. And because its the weekend, all the fun stuff to do is packed with people hiding from the rain. So we have been playing pool, watching movies in the cinema room and making this site. Making the gallery part of this site has been a real pain, o how i long for WebPlus. Will update in the evening's probably now i've got the outline of this site nailed out. Adios