The Gallery

So i've finally found some time to put this site together. How? well its started raining, alot. So as its bad weather, and sunday, a day of rest, i've decided to get some pics online. After messing with bluetooth for hours, loading up the SD card from Johns camera and stealing Andys laptop, im finally ready, so here it goes.

There i am, living it up in spain.

And this is Andy, my friend who i came to Spain to see

As you can see here, he is a little camera shy

But when he's busy doing the ropes, he cant escape the camera

This a view off the back of the boat as it goes along. It has alot of power.

And heres where it is all controlled.

Our first glimpse of Puerto Banus.

Inbetween living it up, we found time to relax playing xbox 360.

Matt takes in the sites as we arrive in Puerto Banus.

The kind of boats that we were parked around.

A 105 foot monster boat that was parked oposite us.

An example of the kind of cars that frequent the port. A 360 Spider

The view from the top of the boat in Puerto Banus.

The strip. Incredibly expensive cars constantly drive down this road. And crazy pedestrians randomly walk out in front of them without a thought.

The 'Lady Haya', an amazing looking ship.

Matt, trapped by me under the rotating table on the top deck. Tee hee.

Its no use struggling Matt, your trapped. Ha Ha harrr.

Its ME! Poking out of the port hole over Johns room.

John showing that marigolds are definately the next fashion craze. One for the ladys.

Matt on his birthday. Looks like the champagne got to him.

Waiting in the airport. There really is nothing to do but sit around in Robin Hood.

It's ME again. A classic camera taking a pic of someone taking a pic of someone shot. Fantabulous.

Gibralter marina. Pretty, but boring.

Gibralter as seen off the back of the boat. Those masts and domes control all the radar and navigation, and also satalite TV.

That blur in the distance is Morocco. It was fantastic weather when we arrived.

The gang, bar matt, relax on the trip over to spain.

Oooo swirly.

Matts cabin. The rooms are really nice on the boat.

This is Matt's favourite pic, he took it and thinks its perfect postcard material. I am inclind to agree.

A view of the interior of the boat. Very swish.

Me and Andy. Do i look a little excited to be on holiday?

A hummer H2 that appeared outside the boat.

Andys pool table.

The view from Andys house.

Andys pool

Matt cutting his cake on his 21st birthday.

An attempt at a pic of some brillant chinese beer i was drinking. O well

Matt's feet.

This boat is awesome.

Steer from here.


The harbor in Gibralter

More of the harbor in Gibralter

John looking stylish.

Johns room. He managed to get the biggest somehow.

The Kitchen. Matt made an excellent fryup in there.

The TV. oooo TV.

Matt picturing me picturing him.

Matt and Andy checking the ropes etc.

My room. Lil TV and ensuite.

My Bed.

The big rock that is Gibralter.

The big rock, from the other side.

Looking down from the top of the boat

Lovely views

The entertainment for the rainy days.